Room Service

ROOM SERVICE - On-hand technical support from project start to finish

Our Room Service programme means FREE on-going, hands-on support from our qualified ironmongery experts from the time you make your hardware selection right through to the project’s completion. It is a service that works alongside your existing contractors, timed to dovetail with the work in progress.

1. Architectural hardware selection

You make the selection of items that best suit the design, function and finish of your home. Our range of door ironmongery is second to none and our showroom and online ironmongery products will satisfy all your exacting requirements.

2. Consultation to check details

Once you know what you want, one of our qualified experts will go through your plans to ensure that installation of your chosen items are fit for the purpose intended. If we see a potential problem, we will find you an alternative solution.

3. Site survey

To anticipate problems, we visit the site prior to supply and check the installation location. There are two benefits: we ensure the items are fit for purpose and note where each ironmongery hardware set goes.

4. Scheduling and delivery

We send a door-by-door and window-by-window unpriced fixing schedule to the site. We arrange with the contractor the timing of the deliveries to site, often supplying the first fix item, i.e. door hinges and door locks, and then the valuable door handles, knobs and other items after decorations to avoid “shrinkage” and/or damage on site.

We offer the building contractor a door by door packaging service if required. We send full VAT invoices for each delivery and an Account Reconciliation at the end of the project.

5. Snagging

Some problems are unpredictable but, when they happen, we are quickly on the spot to solve them. All part of our FREE Room Service.

6. On-going support

For us, making a hardware sale is just the beginning of a long term relationship. We will stay with your team until the project is completed to ensure your satisfaction.

However, we are there when you need us in future: usage can erode functionality; you may want to upgrade with a new technology. We keep records of your purchases and can pull them up whenever you need us. Please contact us today so we can talk through your requirements.

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