Finishes and Patinas

Croft Finishes

Polished Brass

Solid brass, polished to flawless perfection, then protective lacquered to maintain that high point of lustrous beauty

Polished Brass Unlacquered

Solid brass supplied unlacquered, allowing the ageing process to develop a natural patina

Smoked Brass

A distinctive smoked living finish, skilfully applied to solid brass and finally covered in a thin layer of beeswax, further adding to that touch of elegance

Light Antique Brass

A smooth living finish, softer and warmer than our Antique Brass. Hand applied with individual character

Aged Brass

Uniquely aged by hand to give the appearance of a timeworn product, with warm mellowed tones. Being a hand produced living finish, each product has individual character

Antique Brass

A final hand-finishing step creates a mellowed aged patina, emulating an aged finish that comes with long use. A hand applied living finish, resulting in every item being unique

Satin Brass

The warmth of brass, polished to a smooth satin perfection. Finished with protective lacquer to ‘capture the moment’

Satin Brass Unlacquered

The warmth of brass, polished to a smooth satin perfection, supplied unlacquered to allow the development of a patina from natural oxidization

Polished Chrome

Solid brass is plated in highly polished chrome for a stunning mirror smooth finish, often suited to more contemporary environments

Satin Chrome

Solid brass is sateen polished and plate in chrome for a uniformed satin finish

Croft Polished Nickel

Polished Nickel

Solid brass, polished and nickel plated. Warmer and deeper than a chrome finish, and reminiscent of the finest silver

satin nickel

Satin Nickel

 An elegant, fine silver style, matte finish with a warmer undertone than chrome

pearl nickel

Pearl Nickel

A unique finish, gentle tones with a hint of yellow pearls

antique nickel

Antique Nickel

A blend of nickel and hand applied patina create a rich aged effect. Finished with a protective lacquer

distressed antique nickel

Distressed Antique Nickel

Distressed surface finish with charcoal tones, perfectly complements natural stone textures

Autumn Bronze

Warm and textured in appearance, a living finish with an array of brown and red undertones

Imitation Bronze Metal Antique

A lacquered finish, complementing natures rustic tones

Distressed Antique Brass

Our antique finish, further distressed to give an authentic aged and used appearance

Imitation Bronze Unlacquered

 A warm bronze finish applied over brass. Normal handing reveals the aged brass beneath, creating a beautiful look

Matte Black Bronze

A matte living finish, applied over brass for an intense rustic black bronze appearance. Finished with an application of beeswax

Dark Bronze Metal Antique

Solid brass, with a final hand-finishing step adding a stunning dark bronze look. A protective lacquer is applied to complete the process

Oil Rubbed Bronze

Our matte black finish with subtle bronze edging giving individual character to each product

Distressed Oil Rubbed Bronze

Further age and depth is added to our Oil Rubbed Bronze, creating a stunning distressed look and textured patina. This is a hand produced finish, giving individual character to each product

Polished Bronze

A highly polished finish on a sand casting of polished bronze with a clear lacquer coating. Small indentations and blemishes are part of any sand cast solid bronze product, adding to its unique beauty

Polished Bronze Unlacquered

Highly polished finish on a sand casting of solid bronze, unlacquered to allow oxidization ageing to occur. Small indentations and blemishes are part of any sand cast solid bronze product, adding to its unique beauty

Real Bronze Metal Antique

Highly polished living finish on a sand casting of solid bronze, traditional methods give an array of colours in the tone and finish

Tudor Bronze

A sand casting of solid bronze, traditionally produced to recreate a bygone era

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