How to Measure Front Door Threshold Plate

Threshold Covers and Door Sill Protectors - How to measure up correctly

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As every threshold is different, they are made to measure to fit your doorstep perfectly.

In order to correctly measure for your threshold plate, the following information should be provided:

a. The total length of the threshold. (not illustrated)

b. The total distance from front to back.

c. The height of the step.

d. The overhang projection of the step.

e. Any cutouts required (not illustrated)

f. Placement of screwholes if required

Alternatively a cardboard template of the step can be used to accurately measure up for a new threshold cover. We recommend this method when there is a lot of detail to account for such as cut-outs for door stops as they need to be in the correct position.

It is also possible to have an upstand or downstand at the back of the plate. See channel or double step profile for an example of a downstand.

A choice of metal finishes are available, most commonly Polished Brass and either Polished or Satin Stainless Steel, however other finishes are available to special order. It is usual to match the colour to the hardware on your front door.

Threshold covers come drilled and countersunk for screw fitting as standard, but they can also be supplied undrilled so that they can be glued in place.

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